Learn the Scientific TRUTH about Evolution

Gold Coins in hand
Does money fall from heaven? Have gold coins appeared from nothing and fallen into your hand? If I told you it happened to me, your reply would be something like, “I believe it. Please show me; in MY HAND!”

Sorry to say that gold coins do not appear out of air. Things just don’t happen. It may sound good and you may wish coins fell into your hand but our reality MUST follow the Laws of Nature.

The purpose of this website is truth about the “theory of evolution“.   The modern version of Darwin’s theory states that the entire undirected, random, by chance processes of natural selection and random mutations is fully capable of producing  the intricate, and purposeful structures in living systems.

We examine the Theory of Evolution’s SEVEN (7) DAYS OF CREATION.  Our tools are : the Laws of Nature.  This includes reason, logic, physical laws, and  laws of science.  But first let us do some house keeping.
I apologize to the intellectuals who are seriously searching for truth about evolution and creation.  My intent is NOT to offend you by using the word “sucks”, it is to state the fact and get your attention.  I want to use the proper words because words mean something.  To make my point, I think “sucks” performs both functions accurately.

According to The Free Dictionary, the #2a definition for “sucks” is:  “To draw in by establishing a partial vacuum.”  Definition 2c is: “To draw of pull as if by suction.”

Money out of hatAfter looking at the 7 Days of Creation established in the Theory of Evolution, I think you will agree that believing evolution like believing the “money (or rabbit) out of the hat” magic trick.  It requires an extraordinary amount of faith to believe things happen violating the Laws of Nature. This bypasses the brains and intellect.

When Darwin proposed his hypothesis on evolution, he had little to no knowledge of today’s scientific knowledge.   I would like to think that Darwin would NOT have proposed his hypothesis knowing the Laws of Logic, Thermodynamics, Biogenesis, Information, and Physics.

So, I am making my case on this website in defense of Science.  This site is for my grandchildren (Joshua, Calab, and Sophia) and all truth searching people for their consideration on the truth of evolution.

Non-truth searching people will hate this site and may threaten me (as many have in the past).

I ask the that you consider how the Theory of Evolution violates many of our known Laws of Nature.  Weight the fact that they both cannot be true.  A contradiction means that one is FALSE.