7 Days of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution asserts states that the entire undirected, random, by chance processes of natural selection and random mutations is fully capable of producing the intricate, and purposeful structures in living systems.

Mechanisms of Evolution

Evolution, like all theories, begins as a “hypothesis”.  Here we define the entire mechanism of evolution and what evolution proposed happened.  In my examination to determine the truth about evolution, I broke evolution down into 6 mechanisms. 

Turns out that the theory of evolution has 6 major mechanism that had to evolve on their own.  I like to compare evolution and creation…  7-days of evolution.

Did you know that Evolution took 7-Days and a lot of miracles? 

No, of course not.  It is not because you are stupid; you are simply uniformed by religious evolution leaders who are more concerned with their religion than scientific evidence. 

Day 1Cosmic Evolution – Matter and energy are created.

Day 2Chemical Evolution– Chemicals are created.

Day 3Stellular Evolution – The Planets are created.

Day 4Organic Evolution – Life is created.

Day 5Vertical Evolution – Species are created.

Day 6Horizontal Evolution – Species adapt to creation.

Day 7Evolution rested

You see, “Evolution” is NOT just about animals, it is about everything you see.  From nothing-ness to the universe that we see today.  It is about: “Why is there something here rather than nothing?” 

Join me in examining the 7 days of evolution.