Day 1 – Cosmic Evolution

 The Theory of Evolution begins on the FIRST DAY – Matter and energy are created out of nothingness.  The universe begin when it  formed and gathered into a nearly infinite energy density.  It became so dense it exploded and burst the universe into existence – the big bang.  Watch this short video to see what evolution proposes.

How the universe was formed.

The mechanism that began the evolutionary process is the Big Bang.  Wikipedia defines the Big Bang as a theory in astronomy which says that the universe originated billions of years ago in an explosion from a single point of nearly infinite energy density.

This important to understand when examining the theory of evolution because it all comes back to the question on where did all of this stuff (life, chemicals, rocks, planets, energy, etc.) come from. 

Evolutions theory has to answer the same question that creation theory has to answer.  How did all of this stuff get here?   Evolution theory says that “it formed” or “it gathered”.   While evolutionist may use different words, it all boils down to the universe created itself out of nothing.

While this sounds good, it is NOT a scientific explanation and it violates several Law of Science.

Can mater create itself?

Can energy create itself?

Can the matter and energy to form approximately 70 sextillion stars come out of nothing (not to mention the planets and moons)?  Really?

If there is nothing, how did something get there (the ole rabbit out of the hat trick)?

If the matter was so dense, how the explosion escape the gravitational pull (it is a blackhole)?

Can you think of any questions?