Day 3 – Stellular Evolution

On the Third Day of Evolution gasses came together (condensed) to create stars, planets, asteroids, solar systems and galaxies in an ever expanding universe.

Watch this 3:28 minute video to get a video explanation on how Day 3 went.

What I want to know is the science.  Show me the evidence.  Can we set aside the speculation and religious propaganda?

Here is another video: that talks about Stellular Evolution

Clouds don’t spontaneously collapse and form starts. Nothing happens spontaneously. Things happen by reason (Law of Cause and effect). Was it gravity that cause the cloud to gather? Violates the law of gravity. Not enough mass to attract. What force began the “collapse”?

Condensing is associated with cooling and thus the gas molecules had to radiate heat away.

Hydrogen and helium are unsuitable to make heavier molecules without some outside force or power.

HF write about illogical that you need outside star to change the element but there are no outside stars to change the molecular structure from light to heavy.

Need stars to produce stars.

Astronomers see about 1 supernova star death every thirty (30) years. If the universe is billions years old and there are billions are stars, statistics would dictate more supernovas observations. After all, it is these super novas that created and exploded the heavy chemicals into the universe so that they could gather and form planets.

The purpose of this site is to stay with the laws of science that most high school students would learn by graduation.  But for the more scientifically minded, here are some other phenomena that contradict evolution.   The Poynting-Robertson Effect, combustion energy of starts, earth’s magnetic field, radiohalos, planetary rings, heat of planets, spiral galaxies, mud on the sea floor, sodium in the sea, strata are too tightly bent,  helium in rocks, bristle-cone pine trees, river beltas are too small, the receding moon, and short-term comets.