Day 4 – Organic Evolution

On the fourth day of evolution, life was created. 

The Theory of Evolution asserts that the entire undirected, random, by chance processes of natural selection and random mutations is fully capable of producing living systems.  

(Note that Organic Evolution is sometimes called chemical evolution in the sense that chemicals on earth formed to create life.  This should not be confused with Day 2 – Chemical Evolution where simple  chemicals evolved into the complex chemicals illustrated on the periodic table.)

For living systems to appear, more than chemicals are necessary.  Creation of life means that the simplest living cell had to appear.   “Organic Evolution” seemed very simple in the late 1800s because all you needed was a “glob of plasma”.  All you needed was a few simple chemical reactions and poof – life began.

As biologist gradually learned more about the complexity of the cell, the Theory of Evolution need more sophisticated theory to explain how organized life came out of a batch of chemicals. See How Stuff Works to understand the complexity of a simple cell.

In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick made a startling discovery inside the simple living cell called DNA.   The structure of DNA allows it to store information using a four letter digital code.  The DNA is a molecule.  The arrangement of these four codes are the instructions, language, or code for the cell.  It is your genes.   Your digital information. 

Simply put the DNA is everything your body is are and will be.   Bill Gates is quoted on comparing DNA to the machine code of a computer. 

Law of Cause and Effect

Any theory of science must conform to other theories and show the cause of the effect we see.  The Theory of Evolution must show HOW the cell came into existence.  It must show HOW the complex genetic code came into existence.

The information on your computer screen can be traced back to programs with organized information known as machine code.   How did that machine code get there?  What is the cause of the effect we see as machine code?  What caused all of the machine code information to be in this one spot with this much information?  The cause is users with intent and purpose.

Using the same logic, the organization of your body can be traced back to organized information known as DNA.  How did the DNA code get there?  What caused all of the DNA structure to be in this one spot with the amount of information to construct your body?  Evolutionist have to answer this question.  What is the force or mechanism that made this happen?

Explaining how the simplest living cell got DNA and all of the other complexities by saying it just happened is the same as telling me that the first computer and its program just happened.   That is religion.  Science is that things don’t just happen.  Everything has a cause, now that is science. 

Law of Information

In summary, the Law of Information came into its own and solidified with the creation of computers and programs or information systems that run them.  I learned this the hard way as my structural engineering professor refused to accept my blaming the computer program for the bad results.

Have you ever heard the saying “garbage in – garbage out”?   (Health side bar – “you are what you eat”?)

The Law of Information boils down to: all information came from a purposed intender. 

Either the computer program 1) just happened or 2) it was put there with intent and purpose.

Like wise, your DNA either 1) just happened or 2) it was put there with intent and purpose.

Scientifically speaking (and despite the apparently unpleasant implication of a God or alien creator), information does not just happen.   Claiming “it just happened” is as religious as claiming “God did it.”  

Explaining how it happened (without violating the above laws) – now that is science!