Day 5 – Vertical Evolution

On the fifth day of evolution, species expanded up the tree of evolution to our present time with mankind being the top of the organic chain.

Vertical evolution begins at the end of Day 4 when living cell came from non-living chemicals.  The evolution process that occurs in Day 5 goes something like this:

  • Single cells to Invertebrates
  • Invertebrates to Fish
  • Fish to Amphibians
  • Amphibians to Reptiles
  • Reptiles to Birds
  • Reptiles to Mammals
  • Land Mammals to Sea Mammals
  • Non-flying Mammals to Bats
  • Apes to Humans


The Theory of Evolution asserts states that the entire undirected, random, by chance processes of natural selection and random mutations is fully capable of producing every living systems that you see. 

How did the DNA information system upgrade?  How did it get revised?

You and I see the Law of Biogenesis everyday.  If a friend told you that her cat was born from a dog, would you believe her?