Forgive me

 Again, forgive me if my use of “sucks” offends you.  I choose this word because it very accurately describes the religious assault on my area of study – SCIENCE.

If you did not know, the evolution and creation debate is in our school system now.   Religious leaders, both atheist and theist, know that if you control the education system, you control what the future generation thinks.

Evolutionary creation is deeply embedded in our school system and objecting to teaching any alternative to evolution that they considered “non-scientifically based “alternatives”.  Click here to see page 1 of the letter from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) documenting this (and here to see page 2 of the letter).

Furthermore, the NAS says that “to avoid teaching about evolution” results in “one of the foundations of modern science” being neglected.

Oh, really? 

Thirty five years ago, I would have agreed.  I was a atheist, like my father, and believed in evolution.  But after coming to a knowledge of some laws of nature: thermodynamics, logic, science, and physics via my study in the School of Engineering at Louisiana Tech, I have come to a different conclusion about the Theory of Evolution.

During my studies pursuing a Masters in Business Administration I learned more about public relations, professional dogma, political spin, intellectual dishonesty, academic  intimidation and the 1st law of accounting (figures don’t lie but liar’s figure).

Quite frankly, I chose to look at the laws that govern and influence engineering decisions and ask intellectually honest questions.

What I have discovered in my search for the truth about Evolution is in this website and it will surprise many.  I have prepared it as unbiased as I can and that was hard.  Hard, not because I tried hard to keep my religion off of the pages of this website.  Not being very religous, that was easy.

Hard, because of my love of science, logic, philosophy, and truth and my distain at the kidnapping of SCIENCE by religious zealots.  

Forgive me if some anger and disdain come across in my writing.  (Maybe an attitude here and there.)   I get a little short with those who prostitute science, ignore the scientific method, and disregard the laws of nature for their religious propagation of evolution. 

I look forward to reading your comments.