How I see Evolution

Can we forget the hype.  Forget the religion.  Forget the philosophy.  Forget the soft-science.  Truth about the entire theory of evolution is my pursuit.  I use hard-science that I learned in high school and logic I learned in Algebra and Geometry.

 If you are looking for the truth about evolution that no one else is talking about, then review this site.   I will show you that Evolutions Sucks for facts, evidence, logic, and reason.   It is a black hole looking for anything it can find to suck it into its bank of evidence.

Evolution sucks like a black hole vacuum for three reasons. 

 First, evolution is void of Logical Consistency.  Logic is our friend and our primary tool.  Evolution does not have sound reasoning and its statements contradict logic and sound reasoning.

 Second, evolution is void of Empirical Adequacy – The testing and observing of empirical data by many scientist are accurate and appreciated.   However the interpretation of those facts by religious zealots are bias for financially, moral, religious, and political reasons.

Third, evolution is void of Experimental Relevancy – Many experiments conducted in the name of evolution are valid and appreciated.  However, many religious zealots insert the word “therefore” between the experiment and the theory of evolution without relevance or connectivity.

This site is after truth about the entire theory of evolution like no other site.  If you are tired of hearing philosophy under the pretext of being science, like me, then review this site and let me know what you think.

Be Warned.  This site is created for objective truth seekers only.  Please, all NON-TRUTH seekers move on to another site and do not email me your hate speech.  Thanks!