Why I made this website.


As a father, husband and professional, I did not have time to communicate to my children the things that I wanted to.  As a grandfather, I find again, that I do not have the time to communicate to my grandchildren.

With the limited time that I have with my family, I try to communicate love, acceptance, appreciation, encouragement, and values.  I wish I had more time to communicate some other things.

One of those things is my love for knowledge: Engineering, Math, Science, Logic, and Philosophy.  I created this website to do such a thing.

I get a little excited when anyone discusses the Theory of Evolution.  I love hearing and engaging in the debate.  The reason, again, I am engaged is my love for the Laws of Nature.

I love understanding:

  • The elements of mechanics of materials
  • The principles of foundations, structures, sheet pile.
  • The power and majesty that flowing water possesses.
  • The similarity between water flow in pipes and traffic flow on streets.
  • Roadway safety, defects, design and liability.
  • Public information and citizen participation in our projects.
  • The physics of moving a refrigerator.
  • Why a helium balloon leans into a turn rather than obeying Newton laws.
  • Why and how things work
  • Truth
  • And so much more!

With my love for knowledge and truth, I hate, abhor, loath, detest, despise, etc. those who intentionally lie and intimidate the public about the Theory of Evolution. 

From my frustration in trying to engage people to discuss the issue of evolution and intelligent design, I find too much emotion and not enough intelligent discussion.  Why?  Because most people are trying to protect the foundation to their religious belief and not to determine truth. 

So, I am making my case on this website for all to read knowing that truth searching people will enjoy the information on this website for their consideration on the truth of evolution.

Non-truth searching people will hate this site and may threaten me (as many have in the past).

I ask that you consider the scientific evidence that I present as I reveal the “days of evolution” and the laws of science that evolution “violates”.


I may be wrong.  Science will certainly progress on this subject and may find a Law of Nature that explains all of the contradiction between evolution and the laws of nature.  But until then, I have to be honest to myself and those around me.  I must be impartial (impartial juror if you will) and judge according to the most reasonable explanation.