Scientific Evidence – does it really prove evolution?

The most used words in the world of creation and evolution is “scientific evidence“.  Sometimes, “scientific” might be substituted with  “physical”, “indisputable” or something else to influence our interpretation of the evidence.

There lies our biggest problem in having an intellectual discussion on subject of evolution and creation.

Why?  Because there is no universally accepted definition for the phrase “scientific evidence”. 

Stay with me as this gets a little boring to some, overwhelming to others and others ask, “What does it matter?”

This matters and is necessary because TRUTH is at stake.  The truth of evolution and evolutionary creation revolves around science, right?  Then we need to understand some key words in evolution and creation debate.

Both Wikiopedia and Free Dictionary say: “Scientific evidence has no universally accepted definition but generally refers to evidence which serves to either support or counter a scientific theory or hypothesis.”

You mean there is no definition of “scientific evidence“?  Not exactly,  What this means is that anyone can claim “scientific evidence” without concern because there is not standard.  What you think of  and what I think of as scientific evidence is two different things!

The reason is that each scientific area of study i.e. physical science, natural science and social science have different criteria.  

Another way to look at it is that Hard science has to have hard evidence and soft science has to have soft evidence.

The science of evolution and creationis soft and is not hard because there are no experiments that can prove evolution or creation.  It cannot be recreated in the laboratory.

But there is some hard science that can help us come to a scientific conclusion!