Truth – vs. magic about evolution?

Truth has five characteristics of truth;

  • Objective – opinion and preference are irrelevant.
  • Absolute – it is not relative to anything.
  • Universal – it cannot be different on the other side of the globe.
  • Unchanging – it is not subject to change.
  • Knowable – and it does not contradict existing knowledge.

Magic, preference, and opinion, on the other hand, contradicts these requirements.

But you may ask, “Who has the knowledge to know what is true?”  There are 4 sources of knowledge:

  1. Experience.  What your parents and senses tell you.
  2. Reason, logic, math, laws of nature.  Things that can be observed, measured and reproduced.
  3. Testimoney.  What your teachers, and friends tell you.  (Does this include my brother and sister?)
  4. Your memory.  (What you did on your birthday).

Now, as truth relates to evolution, we will focus on 1) the #2 source of knowledge above and 2) the 2nd principle of truth above – that it and cannot contradict our knowlege base.

If the theory of evolution, or any other theory for that matter, contradicts our knowledge base, either the theory of evolution is false or something in our knowledge base is false.  We know that no one can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Now this is very important principle in our examination of the Theory of Evolution.  The theory of evolution must fit into our knowledge base without contradiction.  You and I, both, live this way everyday.  Let me give you an example.

If your brother told you to cross a road without looking both ways, would you?  Of course not!  Becasue your parents have spent a lot of time programing your knowledge base with the idea that cars are on roads and they can hurt you.  Add some of your own personal experiences and you have a clear knowledge about the danger of crossing a road without looking.

Likewise, in the creation and evolution debate, you have been told that the Laws of Nature and the Theory of Evolution are true.  Just like me, you believed them both.  However, as I studied the Laws of Logic, Philosophy, and the Laws of Nature in Engineering school, I started questioning things.

The Theory of Evolution does not match up with our existing knowledge base of the universe just like the magic of sawing a person in half and not being injured.  They both contradict or Violate the known Laws of Nature.

We are left with one conclusion…  something is false.  Explore this website and determine for yourself what theory is false!