Honesty – Intellectual Honesty in the evolution debate.

Intellectual honesty requires me to believe the most reasonable explanation.  There may be other explanations.  Lots of things “could have happened”.  But what “could have happened” does not give us truth.  It does not prove something.  

“What could have happened” is only speculation.

As for Evolution, we are looking for truth about evolution.  We are looking for the most reasonable explanation of how the universe came into existence.   

Recognize that the most reasonable explanation could be wrong (just like any theory could be wrong).  But, for me, I must follow the most reasonable explanation.  If I am to decide what to believe, I must go with the  information I have, knowing that things may change as additional information is collected.

I have minimized my agenda, my preconceived ideas, and my prejudices.  I must be intellectually honest to myself and those who look up to me, if I am going to find the truth about anything.  Otherwise, why even look for the truth?

Intellectual honesty” is missing in the creation and evolution debate.  But why should I be surprised?   Evolution and creation is about religion and who created the universe.  It seems to me that the debate between evolution and creation is more about “proving” one’s religious on who or what created the universe.  Science and truth are an after-thought

With that said, “Evolution-Sucks.com” brings science into the debate and truth can be found.