Laws – is evolution a law of science?

What is a “law of science”?  Not sure?  Let me help.

According to Wikipedia: (my summary) The laws of science are considered universal and invariable facts of the physical universe. Laws of science may, however, be disproved if new facts or evidence contradicts them.

Note that a “law” differs from hypotheses, theories, postulates, and principles.  Evolution and creation are no exception. 

Does it make sense that all laws of science must coexist with all other laws?  If one law violates another law, by definition, one of them is wrong.

I have concluded that evolution is NOT a “law of science” because it is not a universal and invariable fact of the physical universe.  Evolutionary creation violates other “laws of science”.  See Violations for more information on the laws of science that are violated by the law or theory of evolution.

To achieve this status evolution would have to be universally accepted without any possible question.  And there are too many unanswered questions.