Theory – Can evolution be a theory of science?

What is the definition of “theory of science”?  Not sure?  Let me help.

 Wikipedia defines scientific theory:  (my summary) A scientific theory is constructed from data and observations.  It puts forth as a principle explaining a phenomena. A theory may contain a set of laws, or a theory may be implied from an empirically determined law.

Evolution does seem to fit into the “theory” definition in that it puts forth a principle explaining the phenomena of why we are living in a universe.

However, a theory that is unproven is simply a hypothesis.

A theory of science MUST contain, obey, or conform with all other laws of science. If the theory conforms with all other laws then it meet the requirements of being a theory.  If a theory does not conform to all other laws, then either the theory is wrong or some other laws or theories are wrong. 

Evolution is not a theory because it actually violates.  See Violations.