Evidence – Is there real evidence for evolution?

The answer to this question is:    Yes and No.

Another answer is:     Depends!

Yeah, depends on how you define “evidence”.  Have you ever thought about how and if one can know something is true?  You see there is three types of evidence that can help us come to truth:

Scientific  evidence– this is measurable and reproducible information such as in a scientific experiment.

Legal evidence – this is observable information that cannot be reproduced but was observed or measured in some way such as in what you saw in an accident.  This area of evidence challenges the quality and quantity of information

Authentic evidence– this is the smoking gun.  It does not prove or disprove anything but is the tangible information that something occurred.   It is the fingerprint, gun, DNA or anything left behind an event that an expert can discuss by way of his/her experiments or experience.

You see evolution and creation controversy is debated as if it were a scientific issue.  The fact is that the creation and evolution debate is more of a legal issue that brings in different types of information so that you can make a conclusion based on the best evidence available

AND  the most convincing, emotional, and intimidating arguments!

Evolutionary creationcan not be proven scientifically because we cannot conduct experiments on evolution.   Proof for evolution requires legal evidence.  

Fortunately, there is some hard science that can help us come to a scientific conclusion. 

                                   And that is the purpose of this site!