God and how your belief influences evolution

Everyone has a belief about God.   In China “God” is known as the “Heavenly Emperor”.  Many people let their belief in God shows in what they think about the evolution.  Do you or are you really interested in what science says about evolution and creation?

Your belief in God is influenced by:

  1. bias – against god because he would take all my fun away
  2. education – what we were taught about god
  3. wrongs – all the wrongs in the world or against us
  4. prejudges – not reading this website because you don’t want to read the another position
  5. peer pressure – who want to be uncool with the group we hang?
  6. pain and suffering – that we experience or our loved ones

Did you know that there is a psychological pressure to:

  • Believe in God to right the wrongs done to us
  • Not believe in God who will mess up our plans for our life.

It seems to me that the battle between creation and evolution is over religion.  A battle between no-God creator and yes-God creator.  Otherwise “scientist” would have agreed by now and there wouldn’t be so much name calling and fighting and yelling and emotion.

Which bring us back to the purpose of this website, to examine the science and truth behind evolution, setting aside religion and God, period.