Our Worldview influences our belief about evolution

Everyone has a “worldview”.  This is the view that we develop as an adolescent when we come of age and as we grow and learn as an adult.  Our “world map” or “worldview” ask questions and ponder life, liberty, science, philosophy, and religion in the following five (5) areas: 

  • Destiny – What happens after death?
  • Identity – Who am I?
  • Morality – What is right / wrong and who has the right to decide?
  • Meaning – Why am I here?  Do I have a purpose?
  • Origin – Where did this physical stuff around me come from?

 We all go through the process of answering these questions sometime in our life, even if it is to say, “There is not enough information”.  The answers we come up with forms or Worldview.   That Worldview is the filter or framework that we use to live life.   

 We live life in the following three (3) areas:

1) Intellectual areas like:

  • logic
  • knowledge
  • nature
  • time
  • numbers

2) Belief areas like:

  • god
  • religion
  • values
  • morals
  • politics

3) Living areas like:

  • language
  • gender
  • love
  • hate

This website is focused on the intellectual area above, focusing on logic and knowledge.  Can you set aside your evolution worldview and look at scientific law and theories without prejudice?

Come and reason with us….