Have you wondered why there is such an emotional debate between evolution and creation?  Why can’t our schools teach both philosophies of creation?  What is the big deal?

The answer is simple.  Religion!

When it comes to creation, there is no scientific proof.  So, it boils down to the difference between two different religions (or philosophies):

  • Naturalism – all reality can be explained in purely natural categories without any appeal to the supernatural.
  • Christianity – all reality can be explained by the workings of a supernatural creator; God.

In summary, how this universe, (time and space) came into existence is a battle between two religions trying to “force their beliefs” on each other.

I do NOT support either religion on this site.  I created this site to DEFEND SCIENCE.  As a registered Professional Engineer, I love the Laws of Nature.  I reject the hi-jacking of “science” for the purpose of defending one’s religion!