Violations – laws of nature disprove evolution

Science does not provide proof.  It provides evidence from which things in our world can be examined, predicted, or judged.  It is your and my interpretation of the evidence that we judge as proof.  

We make judgment decision depending on the amount and strength of the evidence.  We may thing that the evidence is sufficient to make a “reasonable” judgment.  Or the evidence is overwhelming and we make a “beyond reasonable doubt” judgment.

You must judge is the Theory of Evolution is true.  But how can it be true is it violates so many Laws of Nature?

Below is a list of the Laws of Nature which the theory of evolution violates. 

Laws of Physics

Laws of Logic

Laws of Chemistry

Laws of Mathematics

Laws of Thermodynamics

Law of Biology

  • Law of Biogenesis

Miscellaneous Laws

You have to decide if the Theory of Evolution is correct and true.  But before you make a final decision, ask yourself the questions that I asked myself as I studied them to pass my Engineering Intern Exam.

Given that all Laws, Theories, and Principles of Nature must coexist with all other Laws of Nature without contradiction…

Why does the Theory of Evolution violates so many laws of nature and is still called a scientific theory?

How can so many people believe the Theory of Evolution if it violates so many laws of nature?