Law of Biogenesis

Law of Biogenesis falsifies the Theory of Evolution

The Law of Biogenesis says that life comes after its own kind.  The Theory of Evolution says or implies that the Law of Biogenesis is basically true but anything can happen.  A reptile can produce a bird.

Ask yourself, does a cow produce a dog.  Could a Finch come out of a snake egg?  The answer is no. 

Not only no but the agricultural community has not found a “progressive mutation” in all of its years of Genetic Engineering.

How long has mankind been doing Genetic Engineering?  Years?  Decades?  A century?  Would you believe thousands of years?

Think about how long mankind has been domesticating animals or raising animals for livestock or growing corn or harvesting potatoes.  

Now it may not be Genetic Engineering to our standard today but Genetic Engineering in its attempt to selectively grow breed of animals and crops have been going on for thousands of years.

With all of mankind’s attempts to get something different from the given animals (dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, etc.) or plants (grapes, corn, wheat, potatoes, etc.) all our experts have been able to achieve are different variations of the same species (Day 6). 

At no time has mankind seen an life form with a more complex DNA. 

Mankind has tested and tested this law and pushed it to its limit.  Life only comes from life.  An apple produces an apple, not a banana.  A snake produces a snake and not a finch.

The Law of Biogenesis is true and the Theory of Evolution contradicts it and thus is false.