Law of Identity

Evolution Violates the Law of Identity

The Law of Identity says that if something is “A” then it has all of the properties of “A”-ness.

An apple cannot be a horse because an apple does not have the properties of being a horse.  An apple has the properties of being an apple; so it is an apple.

All scientific laws, theories or principles have properties.  One of those properties is the property of agreement.  They must agree with each other. 

Another way to look at this is that the world of science is a puzzle that we are piecing together.  If a proposed law does not fit by means of agreeing with all of the other laws, something is wrong.

When science thinks something is wrong and the problem has not been worked out  it is often called a hypothesis.  A hypothesis does not have to agree because it is an idea that has a but and not been worked out completely.

The Theory of Evolution is not a Law, Theory or Principle and is at best a Hypothesis because it violates many Laws of Nature.

In other words, the Theory of Evolution is NOT a scientific theory because it does not have the properties of “Theory”-ness.