Evolution violates the Law of Simplicity

Evolution violates the Law of Simplicity

Definition of Simplicity: (from Wikipedia)

Simplicity is the property of being simple.

The concept of simplicity has been related to truth in the field of epistemology. According to Occam’s razor, all other things being equal, the simplest theory is the most likely to be true. In the context of human lifestyle, simplicity can denote freedom from hardship, effort or confusion. Specifically, it can refer to a simple living lifestyle.

(have you heard of: Lowest common denominator)

Law of Science’s Position:

Have you heard of the KISS Principle?  (Keep It Simple Stupid!) 

Choose Between:

Philosophy has not found any violation of this law up until the Theory of Evolution was proposed.  While nature has complex systems, it tends to conserve resources and energy.  Why do things get more complex as time progresses? 


I must be intellectually honest and choose the most reasonable explanation.  This means I choose the Law and put the Theory of Evolution back into the “hypothesis” category.