Evolution violates the Law of Conservation of Mass


Theory of Evolution’s Claim:


Definition of Law: (from Wikipedia) 

 The law of conservation of mass, also known as the principle of mass/matter conservation, states that the mass of a closed system (in the sense of a completely isolated system) will remain constant over time. This principal is equivalent to the conservation of energy, in the sense when energy or mass is enclosed in a system and none is allowed in or out, its quantity cannot otherwise change (hence, its quantity is “conserved”). The mass of an isolated system cannot be changed as a result of processes acting inside the system. The law implies that mass cannot be created or destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space and changed into different types of particles; and that for any chemical process in a closed system, the mass of the reactants must equal the mass of the products.

Law of Science’s Position:

Choose Between:

It seems that both cannot be correct.  Scientist have not found any violation of this law up until the Theory of Evolution was proposed.  Either


I must be intellectually honest and choose the most reasonable explanation.  This means I choose the Law and put the Theory of Evolution back into the “hypothesis” category.